Flippin us off: The car wreck finale at Talladega

In the closing moments of AMP Energy 500 there was one of the biggest collisions of this Nascar season involving a several cars. Racing fans, this is a must see!

Gary Spencer

My video blog yesterday featured the footage of Nascar driver Ryan Newman in a death-defying blow-over flip from Sunday's Sprint Cup chase race at Talladega Speedway. Well, the excitement didn't end there, as you'll see in today's video clip from the final moments of the 2009 AMP Energy 500 featuring a crazy multicar collision, flips, and even a car fire. Here's the evidence:

What appears to happen here is Kurt Busch's car gets nudged--he'd been testing other cars with a little bangin' and bumpin', and here he comes up on the short end of such a battle. Busch's vehicle is pushed sideways and backward across the track, and ends up catching several other drivers including Jeff Gordon, Robby Gordon, and Juan Pablo Montoya. Mark Martin's car suffers the worst fate, sent spinning and doing more flips than Shamu at Sea World and briefly catching fire as well. However, this clip ends on a pleasant note as Jamie McMurray gets the checkered flag and achieves his first victory in 85 Nascar events. Congratulations!