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Flextreme design videos

GM posts videos about the design of the Opel Flextreme concept car.


If automotive design interests you, take a look at these videos documenting the development of the Opel Flextreme. We covered the Opel Flextreme concept car at the 2007 Frankfurt auto show. It's essentially the Chevy Volt for Europe, using the same series hybrid powertrain. The Flextreme is a bit bigger and, most notably, it has a couple of Segways stored in its rear. If you want to find out why, watch the videos.

Opel Flextreme
Why the Segways? CNET Networks

Flextreme design Part 1
This video is mostly an interview with Mark Adams, vice president of design for GM Europe. He talks in general terms about GM's European design center, with pictures interspersed showing the Flextreme and the Saab Aero-X.

Flextreme design Part 2
The three chief designers of the Flextreme talk about building the concept. They get into some specifics about the instrument cluster, the exterior, and why they put Segways in it. Listen to exterior designer Boris Jacob talk about rear ends.

Flextreme design Part 3
Focusing on the E-Flex system, lead engineer Frank Weber talks about the impact of this new powertrain. He points out that the Flextreme is not a hybrid, but an electric car, and is designed to get 40 miles range on electric power alone. One interesting nugget: He suggests a paradigm shift where we will be talking kilowatts instead of horsepower.

Flextreme design Part 4
Covering the unveiling of the Flextreme, this video shows good detail shots of the finished concept. The designers talk more about the car and their commitment to environmentally-conscious design. Special appearance by Bob Lutz.