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Fisker Inc.

Fisker teases $130,000 EMotion EV that looks like a sea monster

Nitpickers, prepare to freak out over a slightly off-center badge.

Fisker Inc has already shown off renderings of its forthcoming electric car, the EMotion, but now, we're finally getting some pictures of the actual product.

Fisker, named for the car designer who started the company, unveiled three teasers of the battery-electric EMotion. Two shots cover the front end from two different angles, and the third picture shows off a bit of the rear end.

I'm no ichthyologist, but I see a lot of aquatic style elements in this front end.

Fisker Inc.

Compared to the renderings we saw in 2016, the front end is a fair bit more subdued. Gone are the wild vents and creases, replaced with smoother panels that should contribute to aerodynamic efficiency. The headlights are a bit larger than in the renderings, as well, likely due to packaging constraints. In the dead-front teaser, you might notice that the Fisker badge is slightly off-center. Don't worry, it's bothering me, too.

The rear end, on the other hand, looks pretty close to what we've seen in renderings. The trunk tapers off into an integrated decklid spoiler. The taillights remain thin, with additional reflective surfaces just beneath.

Along with the teasers, Fisker also released more information about its electric EMotion. It will start at $129,900, about the same price as the Karma Revero, formerly known as the Fisker Karma. It's made of mostly carbon fiber and aluminum, including the wheels. Its battery is still believed to grant a 400-mile electric range, and a proprietary charger alleges to add 100 miles of range in just 9 minutes of charging, which is... impressive, if true.

Hidden away in the front end is a lidar emitter, which hints towards Fisker's hope of offering autonomy in the future. There are also cameras in the mirrors, which grant a 360-degree view around the vehicle. Preorders open on June 31, and the car will be sold directly through Fisker's website, and servicing will be completed through a joint venture with The Hybrid Shop, which specializes in -- you guessed it -- electrified vehicles.

That's a nice little spoiler, there. Very slick.

Fisker Inc.