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Production Fisker Ocean set for LA Auto Show reveal next May

Hopefully, we actually get an LA Auto Show...

Fisker Ocean production car teaser

As blue as the Ocean.


The 2020 LA Auto Show isn't happening due to the coronavirus pandemic. No surprise there. Instead, organizers said in September they rescheduled the event for May 2021, and if all goes according to plan, Fisker plans to use the show as the place to reveal the production Ocean electric SUV. We also received a sole teaser photo of the production SUV, and it still has its baby Land Rover vibe going on.

The startup said on Friday the SUV we'll see will be the final product that will be available with the company's flexible lease program or for a standard purchase. Earlier this year, at CES 2020, we saw the production-intent version of the Ocean, which did ride on a real architecture. In between then and now, Fisker signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Magna, which will build the Ocean at its assembly plant in Austria. Magna also builds the Toyota Supra at the facility, fun fact.

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Fisker still has a long way to go before the first Oceans hit the road. The car was originally planned to launch in late 2021, but earlier this year, the company pushed the date back to late 2022. As of July, Fisker said it received just over 7,000 reservations for the upcoming electric SUV. Those are hardly Tesla numbers, but maybe the Ocean can make a splash in a few years' time.

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