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Fisker Karma is so green, even interior uses low-carbon leather

The Fisker Karma features low-carbon interior leather from Bridge of Weir. The near $100,000 plug-in hybrid was named just "Luxury Car of the Year" by BBC Top Gear.


Less than three months on the market and the Fisker Karma is already getting high praise for being "green" and luxurious. Just last month, the near $100,000 plug-in hybrid was named "Luxury Car of the Year" by BBC Top Gear magazine.

Part of what makes the Karma so luxurious is the used interior material from Bridge of Weir. The EcoStandard and EcoSport models' seat, steering wheel, dash, door casings and center console trim are all wrapped in the Scottish company's locally produced "low carbon leather," Bridge of Weir said in a press release.

The leather used in the Karma travels less than 100 kilometers (about 62 miles) from the slaughterhouse (or abattoir) to the tannery--most of the leather used in vehicle interiors comes from South America and travels thousands of miles. Then the leather is processed at a plant that follows rigorous environmental standards, the company said.

The plant's computerized dye dispensing system, for example "brings greater accuracy, reduces waste and eliminates the need for employees to handle chemicals," said Bridge of Weir.

Energy conservation at the plant includes the use of hydro-generated electricity and natural gas.

Bridge of Weir leather is also used by Aston Martin, Vertu smart phone handsets, the world's only seven-star hotel in Dubai.

The Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid, which features Bridge of Weir leather, and can accelerate from 0-60mph in 5.9 seconds. Fisker