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Fisker fire-hazard recall snags 19 more cars

Fisker Automotive recalls more 2012 Karmas due to an installation defect in the battery compartment.

The 2012 Fisker Karma.
The 2012 Fisker Karma. Fisker Automotive

Another 19 Fisker Karmas are being recalled due to a potential fire hazard risk in the battery compartment.

Incorrectly positioned hose clamps could cause a cooling leak, Fisker Automotive reported in its government recall notice. If coolant enters the battery compartment, an electrical short could result in a fire. The luxury automaker recalled 239 of its plug-in hybrid vehicles in December 2011 because of this installation defect, and the latest recall is an expansion of the same problem.

Owners of the affected 2012 Karmas will be notified by Fisker, which will arrange transportation of the vehicles to repair facilities. The vehicles' lithium ion batteries will receive a new part to fix the coolant-leak hazard. Until then, owners are instructed not to drive or charge the plug-in hybrids.

No customers have complained or reported battery fires. However, a Fisker Karma was burned in a house fire in Texas, but the origin of the fire has not yet been determined.