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Finally, Jaguar gets sexy again: F-Type on the back roads of England (CNET On Cars, Episode 18)

We hit the road in the first really cool Jag since the swingin' '60s, explain the suddenly complicated world of transmissions, and show off the Top 5 concept cars from recent auto shows.

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This episode we welcome our colleagues from CNET UK who produce the XCar video series. They approach cars in a way that is different yet complimentary to my car tech videos, and we'll be featuring one in each episode going forward. We kick it off by giving them top billing with their lovely video impression of the new Jaguar F-Type, which we have yet to get into the CNET garage in San Francisco. This XCar piece is a nice way to tide us over until we do.

It's pretty ironic that just as cars can run almost silently we need them to make more noise! That's exactly what a new U.S. federal regulation demands, and we take a look at the odd-sounding new world of car noises in our Smarter Driver segment this episode.

Many of you have asked that we take on the world of transmissions in a Car Tech 101 and that's what we do this time. Automatics, CVTs, DCTs, and manuals are all out there, making this the most complicated time in auto history when it comes to selecting a car with the kind of transmission tech that makes sense for you. I think you'll be pretty well-equipped after you see this really great piece.

Coming up next time we'll take a ride in an open-top Bugatti Veyron, compare AWD systems, and get a look at the new way they are crashing cars to make them earn safety ratings.

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