Fiddle with the Tesla Model 3's infotainment in this new mockup

It's not entirely complete, but it's our best look yet at the Model 3's new center touchscreen.


If you're dying to know more about how the Tesla Model 3's single center screen works, a new website will let you fiddle around with an interactive mockup.

Andrew Goodlad, a UX and UI designer with a wicked cool last name, created a mockup of the Model 3's infotainment screen based on information we've seen in videos and photographs. You can't click on everything at time of writing, but it gives us our best look yet at the only screen you'll find in the Model 3.

Why spend $35,000 (or way, way more) when you can play with the Model 3's most interesting feature on the internet?

Andrew Goodlad

The Model 3 is unique for its single center screen. There's no gauge cluster, so the center screen is responsible for displaying navigation directions, speed, Autopilot readiness and about nine billion other things. Other automakers have toyed with moving all information to the center of the car -- the Toyota Prius and Saturn Ion come to mind -- but it's never been jammed together onto a single screen.

With this interactive project, you can navigate settings menus and see how various elements interact. I spent most of my time browsing the various settings, although I'm guilty of doing that in just about every car I sit in. Take a spin for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments below. The creator is adding more features as time goes on, but hopefully we'll get to screw around with the real thing soon enough.

(Hat tip to Electrek!)