Ferrari's all-new J50 is a Japan-only masterpiece

Only 10 examples will be built, so good luck snagging one if you haven't already.

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loves a good limited-edition car. Its latest, the J50, builds upon an already excellent model with sharp styling and quantities so limited that it's guaranteed to be an appreciating asset.

Ferrari will build just 10 examples of its new J50, which is based off the Spider variant of the 488 GTB. The name comes from the fact that it's for the Japanese market (that's the "J") and it's to help celebrate Ferrari's 50th anniversary in Japan (that's the "50").

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Be still, my beating heart.


The J50 is meant as a throwback to the targa-topped Ferraris of the 1970s and 1980s. The front and rear ends are massively revised and barely resemble the 488 on which the J50 is based. Heck, it's closer to a LaFerrari Aperta than it is a 488 Spider, at least in the looks department.

There are plenty of other interesting style bits. There's a black dividing line across the body that's reminiscent of some of Ferrari's best models, like the F4. The radiators have been pushed together, allowing the bumper to be reshaped. The hood is lower, which gives the front fenders very strong arches. There are some unique pieces inside, as well, like special sport seat trim and a spot behind the seats that houses the carbon fiber targa top when it's not acting as a roof.

Inside the engine compartment is the same 3.9-liter turbocharged V8 that lives in the 488 GTB. This specific engine, however, has been tuned up to 680 horsepower, versus the 488's stock 660-hp output, because heaven forbid your one-of-10 sports car has the same power as something else.

The variant you see here has a triple-layered red paint job and a red-over-black interior, but each J50 will be customized to the buyer's preference, so there's a good chance that all 10 cars will be wildly different from one another. Ferrari sure knows how to celebrate a milestone.

The Ferrari J50 is a heavily revised 488 Spider for the Japanese market

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