Ferrari's Purosangue SUV Will Have a V12 Engine, Which Rules

Expect at least one optional hybrid powertrain with a smaller engine, too.

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Ferrari Purosangue SUV V12 Engine Teaser

This is gonna be good.


We've known for years that Ferrari was working on an SUV, with the first teaser for what's known as the Purosangue released a couple months ago. But Ferrari's latest teaser confirmed something extremely exciting: The first SUV to wear the prancing horse will be powered by a V12 engine.

The 15-second video teaser showcases some of the engine's internals and its classic red cover overlaid with some dramatic music, with just one super short clip of its exhaust noise at the very end. Ferrari describes the engine as being "new," though it's likely to be an evolution of the F140 unit in the GTC4Lusso, which already is paired with an all-wheel-drive system. Other than that we don't know many details, but it's sure to have more power than the 697-horsepower Aston Martin DBX707, currently the most powerful internal-combustion SUV on sale.

This puts the Purosangue in rarified air as one of just a few SUVs to ever have a V12 engine. The only one currently in production is the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, and the only others were the Mercedes G65 and Lamborghini LM002, both of which are out of production. The Volkswagen Group stuck a W12 engine in the , and VW at different points, but that's a different kind of cool.

The V12 is unlikely to be the only engine offered in the Purosangue. We expect it will also be offered with a twin-turbo V8 as a cheaper entry point for the model, and at least one hybrid powertrain is likely. That could be the sweet V6 setup from the 296 GTB, or a new hybrid setup entirely. The Purosangue is also a strong candidate to receive Ferrari's first fully electric powertrain.

Ferrari Purosangue SUV Front End Teaser
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Ferrari Purosangue SUV Front End Teaser

The Purosangue's front end.