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Ferrari teases hybrid supercar ahead of imminent debut

The video doesn't offer much, aside from a few visual cues.

Almost there. One day to go. #Ferrari

Posted by Ferrari on Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Ferrari said it would introduce the world to its new hybrid supercar at the end of May. Considering we're just a couple days away from June, that means we should see it very soon. But first, Ferrari has a teaser.

Ferrari on Tuesday posted a teaser for its upcoming hybrid supercar on its Facebook page. The teaser doesn't give a whole lot away, showing a quick shot of the front clip early on, followed by a close-up on the headlight toward the end. That's about it. Otherwise, we'll have to wait another day or so for Ferrari to give us more information about its second debut of 2019.

The Italian automaker has done a great job keeping information about its new car secret. All we know is that it's a hybrid, and reports have said the electrified side of the powertrain will mate to a V8. Power output is still a mystery.

This is just the beginning for Ferrari's electrification efforts. CEO Louis Camilleri has said in the past that 60% of Ferrari's lineup will offer a hybrid variant by 2022. There are still three debuts planned for the remainder of 2019. Two will likely happen in September, at or adjacent to the Frankfurt Motor Show, while the final vehicle will be closer to the end of the year. It's unclear if any of them are hybrids, but given Ferrari's goals, it would make sense for at least one of 'em to be.

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