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Ferrari F1 steering wheel deep dive: Carlos Sainz shows off the complex contraption

You'll appreciate what F1 drivers do even more after watching the video, promise.

Formula One racing, like any motorsport, is not simply hopping in a car and zipping around a race track. There's an incredible amount of complex technology that go into building a winning lap time and overall race. The steering wheel attached to the car is just one of those pieces to success for drivers.

Scuderia Ferrari F1 driver Carlos Sainz was kind enough to give us an in-depth video walkthrough of his actual racing wheel, which attaches to this year's SF21 contender. If you need more proof this isn't a point-and-shoot sort of sport, spend the five minutes and change for the walkthrough.

Sainz goes through nearly every button and knob on the wheel, from how the car shifts to neutral, the dedicated radio button to speak with his engineer during free practice, qualifying or a race and the larger button that governs the car to a pit lane speed, depending on the circuit's regulations. There are the numerous modes the team and drivers convene on to choose, such as a "Push" mode for more power, and dedicated switchgear for more engine power. Dials can also control the amount of torque delivered, say for launching the car off the starting line, tweaking the differential to control oversteer and so much more.

Surely there are some hidden switches Sainz purposefully didn't mention. After all, Ferrari doesn't need other teams noting some of its engineering and strategies. But it's fascinating nonetheless. Check it out above.