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Speciale delivery: Ferrari rolls out California T handling package

The Handling Speciale (HS) option brings a wealth of updates to the car's underpinnings, with some aesthetic tweaks thrown in for good measure.

We would have used a picture of the front end, but this side is better -- it's where all the sound comes out.


With the introduction of the turbocharged California T, Ferrari's least expensive ride really came into its own. But there's always room for improvement in Maranello, so the automaker is rolling out a new option that should up the fun factor by a couple of notches.

The Handling Speciale (HS) package comprises a series of updates to both the powertrain and chassis. New springs are 16 percent stiffer in the front and 19 percent stiffer out back, and the magnetorheological dampers respond quicker to changing road conditions than before. Ferrari also updated the transmission for snappier shifts in Sport mode.

There's also a new exhaust system included with the package. It's engineered to increase the volume as the revs rise, so you can enjoy the sonorous V-8 without waking up the whole town.

To give the car some extra visual punch, Ferrari's given HS-equipped California Ts a matte-anthracite front grille and rear diffuser, matte-black tailpipes and a cute little cockpit plaque, celebrating the fact that you've given the company more money than you would have otherwise.

The HS package isn't yet for sale -- it will officially debut at the Geneva International Motor Show in March. Pricing has yet to be announced.