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Ferrari "Breadvan" and more in action at Le Mans

The Ferrari 250 GT, aka the "Breadvan", is one of the most unique vehicles in classic sports car history. Today we see the Breadvan up close and on the track at Le Mans.


Lately within this blog I've been discussing classic European sports cars and classic sports car racing. Yesterday I dedicated my web video and blog time to the Ferrari 712. While I was searching for clips of the 712, I stumbled across another related subject that I thought would be fun to talk about here. It is perhaps the most unusual sports car ever built in terms of appearance, and it is the Ferrari 250 GT - a car most enthusiasts and historians refer to as the "Breadvan".

The Ferrari 250 GT was dubbed the "Breadvan" by British critics as it features a strange body style for a sports car and was far from sleek based on typical sports car standards. The 250 had a notably pointed front end, and the rear of the car was raised and squared off, almost like a Hearse. Despite the odd body style, the car could still square off with Ferrari's other sports brethren as one of the fastest European sports cars of the 1960s.

So here we go with another classic sports car race clip, this time from the famous Le Mans raceway in France. The camera has honed in on the Breadvan as the pit crew make preparations for the race. Leading up to takeoff, we get a glimpse under the hood from the sidelines, and even from there it sure looks pretty. Then about 2:40 the drivers dash to the vehicles to begin the race. There is plenty more eye candy to be seen here as far as sweet European sports cars go, but the camera has the Breadvan as its primary focus. We get a final go-round look at the 250 GT around the 5:10 mark and from there the video jumps into the night with the cars still going around the track.