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Ferrari boss vows Prancing Horse will never build an electric car

Luca di Montezemolo promises Ferrari will never build an electric car, because he simply doesn't believe they're the future.

Luca di Montezemolo has obviously been taking lessons from one Jeremy Clarkson. The Ferrari president has gone on record stating his company will never build an electric car, because he simply doesn't believe in them. 

"You will never see a Ferrari electric because I don't believe in electric cars," the Prancing Horse boss recently told Engadget, "because I don't think they represent an important step forward for pollution or CO2 or the environment." Take that, Mother Nature.

Though di Montezemolo wasn't very specific about what types of electric car he has a beef with, we're guessing he's ruling out pretty much every sort, including battery electric, hydrogen electric and anything powered by hamsters running on tiny wheels.

All is not lost for fans of the environment, however -- the big Italian cheese remains a fan of hybrids and will attempt to bring one to market in the near future. "We are working very, very hard on the hybrid Ferrari," he said. "This should be the future, and I hope in a couple of years you can see it."

We caught a glimpse of that future when we attended the 2009 Geneva motor show and fondled the startlingly green (in colour, at least) Ferrari 599 HY-Kers. That car, in concept form, was powered by a 6-litre V12 that worked in conjunction with two electric motors and a lithium-ion battery pack, giving it ridonculous straight-line performance and an electric-only range of roughly 3 miles.

Ferrari isn't the only high-end sports car maker to express its views on alternative fuel vehicles. Aston Martin boss Dr Ulrich Bez has already gone on record saying his company's sports cars will never turn to electric or hybrid propulsion, though an electric-only Cygnet isn't totally out of the question.

Image credit: Engadget