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Ferrari may be readying a Spider version of the 812 Superfast, report says

The Prancing Horse offering a convertible version of the 812 or a practical version of the SP1 and SP2 will likely be a good financial move.

Like this, but with less roof.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

The Ferrari 812 Superfast is one hell of a car. I mean, it's called the freaking Superfast. The one thing that it's missing, though, is the ability to hear that absolutely bananas V12 yowl without having the sound muffled by a roof -- that is to say, it's missing a Spider version.

Though, that may not be the case for long. According to the website FerrariChat, several Ferrari owners have received invitations to see the unveiling of the new model in early September at one of two events. 

According to a separate report by Motor1 published on Wednesday, all of these invites have gone to European owners, so either there will be a separate series of events for US buyers, or we won't get this thing stateside, though the latter seems unlikely.

As far as official details on potential specs for a Spider-ized version of the 812 go, there basically aren't any. Seriously, we've heard nothing from the folks in Maranello on this one. 

If we were to put on our thinking caps and hazard an educated guess, we'd expect to see a folding hardtop roof like the Portofino and/or 488 Spider have. We'd be shocked to see any kind of change in power output, given just how potent the standard 812 is already, thanks to its 6.5-liter V12 engine.

In any case, we can't be bothered with the idea of a convertible 812 because the Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2 already exist and those are -- as far as we're concerned -- the coolest Ferraris to roll out of Maranello in decades.

Oh, and we're journalists, so we don't have Ferrari 812 Superfast Spider money anyway. That's the other reason we can't be bothered.

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