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Ferrari 812 Competizone revealed: More power, greater aero for this prancing horse

And, if the bank account allows, you can opt for the 812 Competizione A with its targa-style roof.

Ferrari 812 Competizione
Loving both of these.

After a near-full reveal a couple weeks ago, on Wednesday Ferrari took the wraps off its special 812 Superfast model, named the 812 Competizione. Joining the special car is a lovely looking targa-style model, too, named the 812 Competizione A. Both benefit from more power, thanks to a reworked V12 engine, loads of aerodynamic tricks and independent four-wheel steering.

Ferrari engineers spent a lot of time going over the standard 812 Superfast to make the 812 Competizione into a faster horse. Right away, it starts with an overhauled 6.5-liter V12 engine, which produces an extra 30 horsepower for a total of 818 hp on tap. New titanium connecting rods, pistons donning a "diamond-like carbon" material, the distribution, cylinder heads and crankshaft all help boost power and the redline to 9,500 rpm too, which makes the 812 Competizione a real screamer. Truly, this is not the same V12 found under the hood of the standard 812 Superfast, with so many more tiny changes to create a different beast entirely. A seven-speed dual-clutch automatic remains, but Ferrari said shifts feel even better, thanks to the extra 500 rpm max revs the engine's capable of.

On the efficiency end, a new oil pump, support for a less viscous oil and tweaked direct fuel injection management work to reduce mechanical losses and meet more stringent emissions standards. A revised exhaust promises to retain the V12's characteristic soundtrack (yay!) while also adopting a gasoline particulate filter to further ensure Ferrari plays by emissions standards' rules. Finally, a totally revised cooling system ensures the V12 handles the extra power with ease, employing a single front air intake to route as much cool air to the radiator as possible. Heat leaves the more powerful engine via the dual vents on the hood, and proper wind tunnel testing routes all that hot air away from the cockpit.

Meaner and leaner.


That's the power part of the equation, but equally as important to this hardcore 812 model are the aerodynamic wonders. From the brakes to the front splitter and the cool rear louvers, Ferrari engineers found any way they could to increase downforce and help the 812 Competizione better cut through the wind. Borrowed aero brake calipers from the SF90 Stradale help sweep air through the front bumper into the brakes' areas to keep thing cool, while apertures in the wheel arches help keep underbody disturbances to a minimum. In all, aero optimization up front leads to a max of 40% more downforce compared to the standard 812 Superfast.

At the rear, there's up to 35% more downforce when taking the exhaust wake into account, thanks to rear diffusor tweaks and a redesigned rear wing. The super cool single-piece aluminum rear screen on the standard 812 Competizione also acts as a vortex generator to boost downforce, too. Four-wheel steering, an enhanced Side Slip Control and a weight reduction of 83 pounds round out the performance-focused changes for the cars.

The many changes influenced the cars' overall designs, helping to make the car look wider and more imposing, especially at the front. The louvers also create a really different, fastback kind of look, which Ferrari said will let buyers personalize their cars with graphics never broken by a typical rear window. Though, if I had my pick, the Competizione A looks dashing minus the upper roof panel.

Big time laughs if you thought Ferrari would detail prices, though. This is a Ferrari. If you have to ask, it's way too much. Plus, these won't even be readily available at your local Ferrari dealer. Instead, the 812 Competizione and Competizione A will be for "a very exclusive group of collectors and enthusiasts." I guess that means I'm not in the running for one or the other.