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Feds probing 840,000 Ford Fusions for loose steering wheels

One complaint alleges the steering wheel just... fell off.

Andrew Krok Reviews Editor / Cars
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Andrew Krok

Before the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration initiates a recall, it will investigate to see if one is warranted. That's what's happening with a number of Ford Fusion sedans right now.

The NHTSA is investigating approximately 841,000 examples of the 2014-2016 Ford Fusion sedan. It's the result of three specific complaints related to the steering wheel, all of which were submitted to the NHTSA's Office of Defects Investigation.

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There's no guarantee that this will result in a recall, but in the government's eyes, better safe than sorry.


The investigation focuses on the fastening bolt that holds the wheel to the steering column. Two of the complaints allege that the steering wheel became loose while the vehicle was operating. Both went to repair facilities, where the bolt was retightened.

The third complaint is even more extreme, alleging that the steering wheel completely detached itself from the steering column as the driver attempted to turn into a gas station.

Thus far, those three complaints remain the only ones, and there are no reports of injuries or collisions related to this alleged issue. The NHTSA will investigate these claims and see if there's a more widespread issue across this group of cars. If there is, and if safety is a serious concern, the feds can compel Ford to initiate a recall of the affected vehicles. Ford could also get out ahead of investigators and start a voluntary recall.

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