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Feds investigate 642,000 Fords for two separate issues

The issues relate to door latch warning lights and power steering systems.


Ford has caught the wary eye of the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration once more, with the agency's latest investigations looking at two Ford vehicles for different issues, which could end up in a recall.

The first investigation involves 380,000 examples of the 2011-2013 Ford Edge. The feds received 1,560 reports of "door ajar" lights illuminating even though the doors were closed, Reuters reports. One injury was reported.

The issue goes beyond lights staying lit. Other reports claim that the interior lights remained on after closing the door, and while the vehicles were in motion the doors were unable to be locked and even came open. Ford already recalled millions of vehicles for issues with door latches, but these Edge crossovers were not involved.

The second investigation takes a look at 262,000 Ford Fusion sedans from 2010. In this case, the feds received 547 complaints about power steering failure. The complaints involve 12 crashes and four injuries.

A sudden failure of the power steering system may require the driver to exert additional, unexpected effort. This can make maneuvering difficult and can lead to a crash. The NHTSA already looked into this issue on 2011-2012 Fusions, which ended with a recall.

There's no word on whether either of these issues will expand to a recall, although it seems likely, given the connections to previous, similar recalls.