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Faraday Future's still-masked electric vehicle races a Ferrari, Bentley and Tesla

Electric vehicle upstart Faraday Future dribbles out more teasers for its first car, this time with a video showing it racing a Ferrari, a Bentley and a Tesla.


Faraday Future promised its first production car, an electric vehicle, will be unveiled during CES the first week of January. Leading up that, the company has been teasing out various details, such as today's video showing the start of a drag race between the Faraday car, still wearing camouflage, and a Ferrari 488 Italia, a Bentley Bentayga and a Tesla Model X.

The video doesn't show the result of the race, merely overlaying text that says "The Results" and "Stay Connected." However, given the fact that Faraday Future posted the video, we can assume its car won.

Electric cars tend to do very well in drag races due to their immediate torque, the amount of twist electric motor can put to the wheels, where a gasoline engine doesn't deliver peak torque until it gets to around 2,000 or 2,500 rpm, depending on the engine. Tesla, for example, boasts acceleration times of 2.5 seconds from zero to 60 mph with its quickest cars.

It seems likely the Faraday Future car comes in even quicker than the Tesla Model X, since it was included in the race. Although somewhat difficult to tell due to the camouflage, it looks like the Faraday Future car will be some kind of SUV or crossover. The fact that it was pitted against the Model X and the Bentley Bentayga, a luxury SUV, would seem to confirm that vehicle type.