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Faraday Future will unveil its passenger car at CES 2017

And only a year after everybody thought it would!

Faraday Future FFZERO1
Faraday Future

Faraday Future caught some flak at CES 2016 for unveiling a supercar concept that had no bearing on the company's actual projects. It gets the chance to make up for that move this coming January, when it will unveil an actual car.

At LeEco event in California on Wednesday, the Chinese tech company hinted that Faraday Future, which receives some of its financing from LeEco, might be set to unveil a production car at the upcoming CES trade show. Faraday Future seemed to confirm that in a tweet later in the day.

Faraday Future spokesman Ezekiel Wheeler confirmed the forthcoming production-car appearance in an email.

Faraday came into the scene promising to bring the fight to Tesla, currently the only all-electric automaker. The company followed up its emergence with the FFZero1 concept, a supercar that it unveiled at CES 2016. Many members of the media, Roadshow included, were a little bummed that the production car wasn't the first Faraday debut.

Better late than never, though. We'll finally get a look at Faraday's efforts in January. It's not like the company hasn't been busy, though. Faraday's been hard at work developing its manufacturing, hiring a number of industry experts along the way.

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