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Faraday Future slowly unveiling production EV on its website

It's a bit more sensible (and sustainable) than releasing single images every day until CES starts in January.

Andrew Krok Reviews Editor / Cars
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Andrew Krok
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Faraday Future

How do you eat an elephant? As my high school English teacher used to say, you do it one bite at a time. That's the approach Faraday Future is taking with its production EV from now until its CES 2017 press conference on January 3.

Faraday Future Website Tease
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Faraday Future Website Tease

It's actually a pretty novel way to unveil a car.

Faraday Future website screenshot

Faraday Future recently changed its website to add an interactive teasing element. Over the next 20 days, the fledgling automaker will slowly reveal its production EV. At the time of writing, some particles are slowly coming together on the front end, a part of the car we've already seen in teasers sent via Faraday's Twitter account. The one complete element so far is the battery-electric powertrain.

The automaker claims its website teaser uses this sort of particle imagery as a reference to the car's LiDAR system, which will be used for autonomous-driving purposes. The particles represent what the LiDAR system "sees" as the car drives down the road.

The public will finally get its first look at the still-unnamed EV, which appears to be more of a crossover or hatchback than a typical sedan. Last year at CES , many in the industry thought Faraday would unveil its production car. Instead, it unveiled the FFZero1, a hypercar concept that was little more than visual dazzle.

Faraday has been blasting teasers for its EV for a while now. We've seen a bit of the rear end and most of the front. The company has also sent out a couple teaser videos with its car covered in camouflage. Most recently, it teased a series of drag races between its car and a Ferrari 488, Bentley Bentayga and Tesla Model X.

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