LeEco's electric car is loads more sensible than anything from Faraday Future

The LeSee concept shows that at least one part of the Faraday Future brain trust is capable of rolling out a down-to-Earth electric vehicle.

This is the LeSee, the first concept car from LeEco (formerly LeTV).

When fledgling EV-maker Faraday Future released its first concept vehicle, some of us imagined it was going to be some a car for the masses. When it turned out that the FFZERO1 was some sort of hypercar, folks were a bit let down. But the company partnering with Faraday just released an electric concept of its own, and it's a bit more down to earth.

LeEco, formerly known as LeTV, is one of the partners behind Faraday Future, and it's also partnered up with Aston Martin for a forthcoming electric car. The LeSee you, um, see here isn't related to either of those companies. It's from LeEco and LeEco alone.

As it's a concept, plenty of its features have no bearing in reality. For example, the front fascia is apparently a screen that can show vehicle data or the car's "availability" -- which is only useful if you're running a car-sharing fleet. The foldable steering wheel probably won't pass regulatory muster either, in the US at least.

That said, it's definitely an interesting concept that examines what life will be like when the driver gives up the reins. The interior is heavy on creature comfort, and it's built around the idea of providing separate spaces for each passenger. The exterior balances on a fine line between "cool concept car" and "something that you could actually imagine on the road."

We'll know more about the LeSee when it debuts (again) in Beijing over the weekend.