Faraday Future begins construction on a new plant in California

The beleaguered EV startup has begun demolition at its new Hanford, California, facility and has placed its orders for production equipment in hopes that it can get a preproduction car ready by August.

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Kyle Hyatt
Faraday Future

It's not often that Faraday Future is in the news for something good, but we're glad to say that this is an exception. The EV startup has begun construction on its Hanford, California, factory and expects to have its first preproduction vehicle roll out the doors on Aug. 28, according to sources inside the company.

The Hanford facility is currently in the demolition phase of construction, but FF has apparently ordered all of the long-lead time equipment necessary for production, and it is set to be installed in late May. 

Faraday Future has been struggling with some issues over the last few years, most recently with a number of executive departures and the company backing out of its deal with the state of Nevada.

We were thrilled when we were offered a ride in a preproduction test vehicle at the 2018 CES show in Las Vegas and were pleasantly surprised at the FF91's turn of pace. However, we remain skeptical regarding the company's ability to meet its August goal and question what customer base it has in mind with the FF91's stratospheric price tag.

Still, in the end, we want Faraday to succeed, and we're keeping a couple of fingers crossed in hopes that it does because more real competition in the electric vehicle market is a good thing.

Holy crap, Faraday Future finally unveiled its first electric car!

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