Faraday Future FF 91 electric supercar spotted in the wild

Looks like Faraday Future is out on the road despite some recent setbacks.

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Our very own spy photographer extraordinaire, Emme Hall spotted Faraday Future's FF 91 on a California highway over the weekend.

Faraday Future FF 91

We see you, Faraday Future.

Emme Hall/CNET

The electric supercar is said to have 1,059 horsepower on top, and can hustle to 60 mph in 2.39 seconds with a max range of 378 miles.

Additionally, the FF 91 packs a suite of self-driving features, such as the valet mode which allows the car to hunt for a parking spot on its own while the passengers go off and do more important things.

All these pie-in-the-sky features aren't without controversy. Faraday Future announced earlier this month that it had put its billion-dollar Nevada factory on hold in favor of another facility.

If and when the FF 91 enters production, it'll cost consumers roughly $200,000.