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Enough with the EV teasers already, Faraday Future, jeez

Either show the whole car ahead of time or exercise some chill on the whole news-cycle-domination thing.


On Tuesday, Faraday Future gave us a sneak peek at the front end of its first production car, slated for debut at CES 2017. And, like an excited child with too much sugar, it's back just two days later with another teaser.

The front end features a wraparound LED design that carries the headlights across the width of the car. There appears to be the same out back, with the rear end sporting an LED strip that spans the whole darned thing. Underneath it is another light with a pattern that includes Faraday Future's fish-shaped logo.

Why is that antenna so far to the side?

Faraday Future

There are some other interesting bits that we can pull from this teaser. For example, there's a satellite radio antenna on the right side of the roof, which is interesting because those antennas are usually smack dab in the center of most cars' roofs.

What's more interesting, though, is the side-view mirror. It appears that it isn't a mirror at all, but rather a camera that likely displays its output on a screen near the driver's face. Using cameras as side-view mirrors is currently illegal in most countries, with Japan being a notable exception. If the car were a concept, I wouldn't be surprised to see a camera here, but since Faraday is claiming this is its production car, it's interesting to see cameras in place of mirrors.

Faraday Future is clearly very excited to show off its production car at CES in Las Vegas in a matter of weeks. This probably won't be the final teaser, given the rate at which its Twitter account is dropping these things. Either way, whatever is headed to CES is bound to be more exciting than just another hypercar concept.