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Far out, man: Lego goes full flower child with VW Beetle kit

This is the latest automotive addition to the Creator set, which uses traditional blocks instead of the more complicated Technic pieces.

LEGO Creator Beetle

It's a wonderful thing when children's toys are adapted to suit the growing contingent of adult children around the world. Auto enthusiasts, especially, have been very lucky in this regard, as Lego continues to roll out interesting, complicated vehicle kits. Today, Lego's automotive offerings expand once more with its latest Creator kit, a '60s Volkswagen Beetle.

Comprising some 1,200 pieces -- standard Lego pieces, not those tricky Technic bits -- the kit is aimed at people aged 16 and up. The bright blue Beetle features a realistic looking, air-cooled engine, and loads of other Beetle staples, from its unique hubcaps to the flat windshield.

As with other automotive kits in the Creator series, the Beetle features functional doors and a removable roof. The interior has moving seats with storage space for a little beach towel. Rounding out the surf-ready theme is a removable surfboard and cooler box, because what trip to the fake beach is complete without those tiny little plastic accessories?

Measuring about 6 inches high, 10 inches long and 4 inches wide, the Beetle is about on par with the sizes of other Creator kits. It goes on sale August 1, for $100 or £70 (an Australian price wasn't available, but the UK price converts to about AU$135).