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Fancy a Ferrari? Rev up eBay Motors mobile app

Savvy bidders are turning to eBay's mobile app to buy Ferraris at a rate of three to four per month, as well as other exotic cars.


At the Mobile Insider conference this week, representatives from mobile ad network AdMob reported that three to four Ferraris are sold each month on eBay's mobile app. The surprising statistic was confirmed by eBay Motors, which added that the eBay app for iPhone has moved 38 Ferraris since it launched last year.

But it's not just Ferraris mobile users are bidding on--members have purchased Lamborghinis and Bentleys from their mobile devices. The most expensive vehicle purchased using the iPhone app was a Mercedes SLR McLaren for $240,001. Whoever bid $240,000 for the vehicle must be kicking themselves.

These big-ticket vehicle purchases have been made through a combination of "Buy Now" selections and auctions. eBay spokesperson Angela Leon says mobile app features that alert users when they've been outbid have made it easier for members to complete sales on mobile devices.

Mobile buying and bidding of vehicles will continue to grow when eBay launches its Motors-specific app in the next few weeks. The app will feature photo galleries to display cars currently for sale, and let members create profiles to help them search for specific vehicles or parts.

Last year eBay sold 12,606 vehicles for a total of $118,619,072. Overall, there were $2 billion worth of transactions made through eBay mobile applications in 2010, a 175 percent increase over 2009 sales.

Top 10 most expensive vehicles sold on eBay mobile app

Mercedes-Benz: SLR McLaren, $240,001
Lamborghini: Gallardo, $209,888
Ferrari: 430, $208,500
Lamborghini: Gallardo, $199,900
Lamborghini: Murcielago, $189,000
Ferrari: 430, $185,000
Porsche: 911, $175,000
Ferrari: 550, $170,000
Bentley: Continental, GT $160,000
Lamborghini: Gallardo, $159,900

Correction: an earlier version of the story reported that three to four Ferraris are sold each week. That is incorrect. Three to four Ferraris are sold each month on eBay's mobile application.