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F9 Super Bowl trailer reminds us the gang's back, and more action-packed than ever

The Fast and Furious saga continues this May, and the latest trailer gives us another taste of what to expect.

If you took a quick bathroom break during Super Bowl 55, you likely missed the latest trailer for F9, the latest film in the ongoing -- and seriously stretched -- Fast and Furious saga. Clocking in at 30 seconds, it's a quick one, and literally feels like a primer to remind audiences there's a big film (hopefully) coming this summer.

The second trailer for F9 doesn't reveal anything we hadn't seen or learned of in the first official trailer released in January 2020, before the coronavirus wreaked havoc on film releases. But we catch a Noble M600 and a Toyota 86 in the latest trailer. They're also, obviously, involved in some over-the-top stunts and carnage, as is the recipe for a modern Fast and Furious film.

They join a handful of cars and stunts shown in the first trailer, which includes a Pontiac Fiero with rockets attached to its rear, a Dodge Charger leaping from a cliff and a Ford Shelby Mustang GT350R picked up via some sort of magnet aircraft. Yeah, this is a Fast and Furious movie.

Aside from the typical cast that makes up the "Fast Family," the original trailer included a plot twist that shows Han (Sung Kang) is alive, and somehow doesn't parish in a wreck during The Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift. The new trailer also features Han briefly, which definitely piques our interest, simply for an explanation.

Grab a look at the new trailer above and we'll be back should Universal decide another delay for the film is in the cards. But, right now, May is on.