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Watch F1 driver and Aussie dreamboat Daniel Ricciardo critique his favorite car movies

Finally, we can see someone with actual racing experience critique the realism of Will Ferrell's "I'm on fire!" scene from Talladega Nights.

Car movies in general and racing movies in particular have a reputation for not being, well, very good.

Either the movie focuses too much on the cars and you end up with something like Steve McQueen's Le Mans (which I love, mind you, but it's not a good movie per se) or they don't take the cars seriously enough and the action is ridiculous to the point of it being almost a parody, like The Fast and the Furious.

As car enthusiasts, it's fun to pick these kinds of movies apart with our friends, but what would a person who makes their living in a race car think? Would they agree with our armchair criticism? Now we can find out, because GQ Sports had F1 driver and generally delightful human being Daniel Ricciardo do just that with a few of history's best and worst car movies.

This video is a little long at over 20 minutes. Still, it's totally worth it to a) bask in the glow of Ricciardo's gigantic smile that never seems to leave his face and b) ruminate on the technical accuracy of Days of Thunder.

When you're done watching the video, let us know if you agree with Daniel or not, and maybe shout out some of your favorite car movies that you'd like to see get this treatment.

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