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F1 ditches NBC for ABC, ESPN

Premier open-wheel racing series migrates networks for the 2018 season.


When the 2018 Formula 1 season kicks off, American viewers will need to do a little channel surfing if they want to watch some of the world's best drivers compete in the globe's highest-profile racing series.

On Wednesday, ABC and ESPN announced that they will have exclusive broadcasting rights for next year's Formula 1 season, which starts on March 25 with the Australian Grand Prix. The races will air live on ABC, ESPN or ESPN2, with certain races, like the Monaco Grand Prix on May 27, getting a replay later in the day.

As Autoweek points out, F1's popularity in the US is on the rise. From 2013 to 2017, average viewership for the races on NBC grew from 187,000 viewers to 440,000.

F1's 2018 schedule: 

March 2512:55 a.m.Australian Grand PrixESPN2
April 81:55 a.m.Chinese Grand PrixESPN2
April 1510:55 a.m.Bahrain Grand PrixESPN2
April 298:55 a.m.Azerbaijan Grand PrixESPN2
May 137:55 a.m.Spanish Grand PrixESPN2
May 277:55 a.m.Monaco Grand PrixESPN

3:30 p.m.Monaco Grand PrixABC *
June 101:55 p.m.Canadian Grand PrixESPN
June 247:55 a.m.French Grand PrixESPN2
July 17:55 a.m.Austrian Grand PrixESPN2
July 87:55 a.m.British Grand PrixESPN
July 227:55 a.m.German Grand PrixESPN2
July 297:55 a.m.Hungarian Grand PrixESPN2
Aug. 267:55 a.m.Belgian Grand PrixESPN2
Sept. 27:55 a.m.Italian Grand PrixESPN2
Sept. 167:55 a.m.Singapore Grand PrixESPN2
Sept. 307:55 a.m.Russian Grand PrixESPN2
Oct. 712:55 a.m.Japanese Grand PrixESPN2
Oct. 212:55 p.m.United States Grand PrixABC
Oct. 282:55 p.m.Mexican Grand PrixABC
Nov. 1110:55 a.m.Brazilian Grand PrixESPN2
Nov. 257:55 a.m.Abu Dhabi Grand PrixESPN2