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Experience Monza in F1 2009

Formula One 2009 for the Wii and PSP will bring a lot of surprises, including driving assistance from celebrity test driver Anthony Davidson and ad hoc multiplayer action.


British video game maker Codemasters enlisted the help of test driver and BBC Radio 5 live pundit Anthony Davidson to talk you through a lap of Monza in F1 2009.

Video taken from the Nintendo Wii version, which was released last week, gives fans a driver's-eye view of the track while Anthony Davidson gives detailed insight about what it's like to do a lap of one of Formula One's most iconic circuits.

Out this fall, F1 2009 on the Wii will set new standards for racing immersion and authenticity on the Nintendo console while remaining accessible for the entire family. There will also be a limited-edition bundle available at launch that will include a Race Wheel that will house the Wii Remote. The PSP version will feature ad hoc multiplayer for up to four players.