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Exeros G9300 in-car CCTV system packs built-in GPS and accelerometers

Crave has produced dozens of car tech videos over the last few years, but even were surprised when we encountered the Exeros Cube G9300 camera.

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Crave has produced dozens of car tech videos over the last few years, so there's very little we don't know about using cameras in cars. Or at least that's what we thought, until we encountered the Exeros Cube G9300 -- a car camera with built-in GPS and movement sensors.

The Cube G9300 is primarily used to capture footage of your journey. It can be secured, through the medium of double-sided tape, to your dashboard where it'll record what's happening either in the cabin or the road ahead on to a microSD memory card.

While it's recording, the GPS module allows the Cube G9300 to track your location in real time. Once you've completed your journey, the Cube's accompanying software lets you play back footage of your trip and shows your exact route overlaid on Google Maps.

Where it gets fun, however, is with the Cube G9300's built-in accelerometers. These allow you to measure movement in three dimensions so you can see exactly how hard you're cornering, how violently you're braking and how quickly you're accelerating.

Such an extensive list of features gives the Cube G9300 a wide range of appliations. Exeros says taxi drivers can use it as an in-car CCTV system, capturing footage of unruly passengers. It can also be used by those in motorsport, those training professional drivers or anyone who just wants to capture footage of their antics on a car, bike or bicycle.

We think it's a funky little device that, given its extensive feature list, warrants its £200 asking price. Check out the video below to see it in action and head over to the Exeros Technologies Web site for more information.