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Another startup tosses its hat into the eVTOL race

The Air One eVTOL flying car contraption is meant to give people a personal option for air mobility.

Air One eVTOL
This is all we have to go on for now.

No one has a crystal ball, but numerous companies believe electric vertical take-off and landing machines are a big part of the future. That includes a new startup ready to bring one to life in the years to come: Air. The startup revealed what it calls the One eVTOL on Tuesday, and unlike some concepts meant as air taxis, Air wants to sell this machine to people to use personally. How anyone would go about learning to control one of these is far from clear, but the company says there's software that will make it easy.

So far, the company has no prototypes or anything of the like to show off, just this rendering. The future production vehicle will incorporate state-of-the-art processes borrowed from the auto industry, Air said, and feature a 110-mile range with a full battery. Pilots will be able to clock 155 mph at a flight time of one hour. Once they arrive at their destination, the wings collapse in to make parking simple, according to the startup.

Basically, we're at the "lots of promises" stage. Air hopes to earn the FAA's G1 Certification, to adhere to regulations, and already opened preorders for the eVTOL. More info will come in early 2022 with a target production date of 2024.

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