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Police break up a plot to steal Enzo Ferrari's body

This is the Ferrari movie Hollywood needs to make.

Enzo Ferrari

File photo of Enzo Ferrari

Ferrari S.p.A.

Get this: Italian police broke up an alleged plot by a gang whose plan was to steal, and then hold for ransom, the body of automotive innovator Enzo Ferrari.

Authorities in Nuoro, Sardinia arrested 34 people who planned to use helicopters and parachutes to grab Ferrari's body from its above-ground tomb in Modena, Italy, which the gang had visited multiple times.

More information -- like the going rate for the body of a dead F1 pioneer -- on the plot wasn't available from police in Nuoro, but the plan was discovered during an investigation into drugs and weapons trafficking.

If the Coen brothers need an idea for their next movie, this is clearly the winner.