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Enjoy your iPhone 4S while driving with Satechi Soundfly View

Satechi announces the Soundfly View, which bridges your Bluetooth smartphone and in-car audio system.

The Soundfly View from Satechi
The Soundfly View from Satechi Satechi

If you're looking for a way to keep your hands free from the phone while driving, as they should be, here's something to consider.

Satechi announced today its new Soundfly View accessory, a Bluetooth FM transmitter for hands-free calling and wirelessly streaming music. The device connects to the in-car 5V port and basically becomes a bridge between your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone and your car stereo system, as long as it has an auxiliary audio port. It works especially well with the iPhone 4S because its Voice Dial feature can be used with Siri.

Satechi says the Soundfly View is equipped with a Bluetooth AVRCP 1.3. Once connected, in addition to making and receiving calls, it can display the currently playing track name and artist information from any compatible device or application, including Pandora and Spotify, on its 2-inch LCD screen.

When not used with a phone, the device is an FM radio by itself, supporting all FM frequencies (88.1MHz-107.9MHz) as well as Radio Data System (RDS).

The device has an SD card slot for music storage, a built-in microphone, and 3.5mm audio input and output jacks. It also includes a fully functional remote and integrated controls for answering and ending calls, adjusting volume, changing frequency, play/pause, fast-forward, rewind, and so on.

For those who use the car's built-in 5V port to charge their phones, the Soundfly View also has a USB-charging port that can be used to charge iOS devices and many other popular smartphones.

The Soundfly View is available now for $80.