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Elon Musk's latest tweet storm: Secret products, smack-talking Big Coal

None of these tweets occurred at 3 a.m. so it's hard to tell if he'd make a good president.


When he's not busy attempting to court Amber Heard, Tesla CEO Elon Musk occasionally throws out some interesting tweets. Over the last day or so, his microblogging missives have been worth reading for a variety of reasons.

First, Musk announced that there will be an "unexpected by most" Tesla product unveil on October 17, followed by a SolarCity update on the 28th (what a great birthday present, Elon, thanks).

While the SolarCity announcement will likely be more information related to Tesla's solar roof project, which pairs a solar-panel-laden roof (for a house, not a car) with Tesla's Powerwall energy storage system, the October 17 event is a relative mystery. Electrek believes it could herald Autopilot 2.0, which would include new hardware, or more news related to the company's eagerly awaited Model 3 car -- a production-ready version, perhaps.

Musk's other notable tweet came just this morning, on the heels of some comments made by Robert Murray, CEO of one of the largest coal mining operations in the US. Murray called Tesla a fraud, complaining that the company exists only because of subsidies. Musk, not one to shy away from a brawl, shot back at the Big Coal CEO, suggesting both industries eliminate subsidies entirely.

Musk claims that Tesla's subsidies amount to pennies on the dollar, with Murray's coal receiving much more government support. There's data to back that up, too -- an International Monetary Fund study from earlier this year posits that fossil-fuel subsidies can reach up to $5 trillion each year globally. Electrek points out that Musk is in favor of a carbon tax, as well, which could leave a lasting impact on the profit-heavy (and profit-hungry) fossil-fuel industry.

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