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Elon Musk's car elevator is the future of sewer drag racing

Where Elon Musk is going, we won't need (above ground) roads.

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In a sign that the billionaire tech entrepreneur's underground road project is continuing apace (and that he's sick of using regular roads like the rest of us chumps), Elon Musk Instagrammed a video of a car elevator designed to send vehicles underground.

Testing The Boring Company car elevator

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He used a Tesla (of course) outside SpaceX's headquarters in Hawthorne, California.

It was a test for Musk's new venture, The Boring Company, which is currently digging tunnels across LA in a bid to ease traffic congestion and create new transit routes for the future. Musk has previously shared footage of the building work around the elevator, but now, we have lift off (or, more accurately, drop down). 

It's just the latest in a raft of projects seemingly ripped from the pages of a 1958 sci-fi magazine, alongside the electric cars that forged Musk's place in the Silicon Valley pantheon, and the space exploration of SpaceX, which is currently set on reaching Mars

I, for one, salute our new subterranean overlord.