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Elon Musk wants to make LA Boring again

The tech CEO's newest tunnel-building venture could quickly move around cars and pedestrians.

An early look at Musk's Boring Company.
Screenshot by David Carnoy/CNET

Elon Musk wants to save Los Angeles from its chronic traffic jams.

The CEO of both SpaceX and Tesla Motors tweeted Sunday about a conversation he had with the city's mayor, Eric Garcetti, about building a network of tunnels underground to move around cars, bikes and pedestrians. The concept comes from Musk's new venture, called the Boring Company, which would drill tunnels to be used for rapid transit.

Musk said getting the needed permits from local government bodies would be "harder than the technology."

Musk has been actively involved in a series of futuristic transportation concepts, including a plan to colonize Mars in the coming decades. He also came up the idea of the hyperloop, a super-high-speed system that would sling people or freight around in reduced-pressure tubes. 

While these concepts have gained lots of attention and interest, particularly in the tech world, they are still in their infancy.

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