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Elon Musk says Tesla Supercharger V3 station update on the way for faster charging

Fast charging at a Supercharger V3 station is about to become even quicker.

Tesla Supercharger
EV owners should always be down for faster charging rates.

The fastest-charging Tesla Supercharger stations will soon become even faster, according to CEO Elon Musk. In a tweet responding to the results of Car and Driver's 1,000-mile EV test, Musk first criticized the choice of Teslas used before saying Supercharger V3 stations will soon be capable of charging at a peak rate of 300 kilowatts. Today, the Supercharger V3 network charges at rates up to 250 kW. In other words, these very fast chargers will soon become even quicker to use.

"[The] Supercharger network is being upgraded to 250kW to 300kW, so that will help too," Musk said in response to the magazine's published results. For what it's worth, the three Teslas used placed first, second and third. Tesla does not operate a public relations department to field requests for comment, so it's unclear when this update to the Supercharger network will happen.

The Supercharger V3 is already an impressive piece of infrastructure, with a liquid-cooled cable capable of adding 1,000 miles of range in an hour. In five minutes, the Supercharger at 250 kW can add 75 miles of range. With a jump to 300 kW, we could be looking at something even closer to 100 miles in five minutes. Considering a stop at the gas station is easily a five-minute ordeal, the Supercharger V3 very much rivals the convenience factor. These newest stations also don't split power between multiple cars. In other words, each Tesla gets to charge at the peak rate. Perhaps most importantly, compared to competing charging infrastructure, it's far easier to locate a Supercharger station compared to others in many parts of the country, too.

We'll have to wait and see when this update starts rolling out to Supercharger V3 stations, but charging up a Tesla in public is likely to be even better quite soon.

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