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Elon Musk says Tesla will add 'car karaoke' mode in a software update

CNET's Ashley Esqueda asked -- and Elon Musk was willing.

Ashley Esqueda

This is Ashley Esqueda's Tesla Model 3. There are many like it -- 75,000, perhaps? -- but this one is hers.Β 

And Ashley, who just so happens to work for CNET, recently asked Elon Musk to grant her heart's desire: A karaoke mode.

Because Ashley likes to sing. It is known:

Sorry, I should probably get to the really important part of this story: Elon freaking Musk replied to say that Tesla is in fact working on a karaoke modeΒ and hopes to have it ready for software update 10.0.Β 

Because yes, Tesla likes to add cool easter eggs like classic Atari games to its cars' huge touchscreen dashboards. Currently, Tesla cars run V8.1, the Atari games will arrive in V9, and maybe we'll get karaoke in V10.

Hey Elon -- if you're game, we'd really love to film our very own Carpool Karaoke with you and Ashley. Let me know!