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Elon Musk says Tesla Model 3 will have its own 'Ludicrous' mode

After all, it only takes two pieces to give a Tesla its silly-quick acceleration.


Tesla probably left more questions than answers lying around when it debuted the Model 3 prototype earlier this year. One of those questions relates to the Ludicrous Mode that gives Tesla's vehicles some positively, uh, ludicrous acceleration capabilities. Now, thanks to yet another flurry of tweets from CEO Elon Musk, it appears the Model 3 will be able to zip about as quickly as possible.

Even though we're still over a year away from seeing a production Model 3 on the street, Musk said in no uncertain terms that the Model 3 would come with its own Ludicrous Mode upgrade. The man always manages to find time in between tweets about rockets (he also runs SpaceX) to dish a little more dirt about the forthcoming sub-$35,000 sedan.

As Electrek notes, Ludicrous Mode is achievable with just two extra pieces of equipment. First is a different kind of fuse, allowing for faster monitoring of current flowing through the system. The second piece is an Inconel main pack contactor, which is a material that is both lightweight and capable of handling some serious heat. Those two pieces allow for more current to flow from the battery pack, increasing acceleration.

In terms of expected figures, it's way too early to surmise. Tesla hasn't even announced what batteries will end up in the Model 3, let alone any performance figures to go along with that. Suffice it to say, there will likely be several different capacities on offer, and dual-motor all-wheel-drive is likely in the cards, as well. We'll know more when Elon Musk feels like talking -- or tweeting -- about it.