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Elon Musk says non-Tesla EVs using Supercharger will pay extra

Tesla wants to invite other EVs to use the Supercharger network, but now we know those owners would pay more.

Tesla Supercharger
The Supercharger network should double by the end of next year.

Monday's second-quarter Tesla earnings call spelled out more good news for Tesla. The company remained in the black while CEO Elon Musk provided more details on a proposition that may intrigue other electric vehicle owners. Following a tweet where Musk announced intentions to open the company's sprawling Supercharger network to other EVs, Musk explained how the system may work in more detail. Specifically, and not surprisingly, non-Tesla owners will be charged extra.

Green Car Reports first reported on the news following Musk's remarks. Senior vice president of powertrain and energy engineering Drew Baglino added that opening the network to other EVs has its benefits for Tesla. "Increasing the utilization of the network actually reduces our costs, which allows us to lower charging prices for all customers."

Musk chimed back in on the subject saying non-Tesla owners would still use the Tesla app to locate a Supercharger station and then request the stall to flick on. However, Tesla vehicles use a proprietary plug, unlike most other EVs that use the CCS standard. The CEO suggested Tesla may provide CCS adapters for other owners at Supercharger stations, which would be a welcome announcement. But, there's another problem. Not all EVs can charge as quickly as a Tesla, especially when some Supercharger stations may soon provide 300 kilowatts' worth of energy.

In such cases, if an EV charges slowly, Tesla will charge more for owners using a Supercharger. Musk added the company may also tweak pricing to be "smarter with how we charge for electricity." In all, Musk's comments shed some light on how non-Tesla owners may soon be able to unlock a Supercharger station on the vast network. Tesla's network offers superior coverage across the US compared to any rival charging network these days, though rivals are working quickly to try and change this.

But while more EVs at Supercharger stations would ultimately help Tesla, according to the executives, it sounds like those who don't own a Tesla may potentially face a steeper charge. That could be a bigger ace up Tesla's sleeve if the company hopes to convince other EV owners to consider making their next car a Tesla.