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Elon Musk says new Tesla Autopilot is 'smooth as silk'

An update set to be pushed out next month will make Autosteer even safer and more pleasant for drivers.

Tesla Model S
Soon Autosteer will be safe AND smooth.

While the rest of the US was sleeping, Elon Musk spent Sunday night tweeting about the upcoming improvements to Tesla's software.

Next month, the electric car company's CEO revealed on Twitter, that a software update for Tesla's autopilot software will make the control algorithm "as smooth as silk."

The software update will be pushed out to all second-generation Teslas, known as HW2. These cars currently have fewer features than the first-generation cars, but are gradually catching up and have more sensors and computing power, so promise to be better in the long term.

In March the Autosteer speed limit for HW2 Teslas increased to 80 mph, and in May to 90 mph, which left the cars feeling "safe, but unpleasant" to drive, according to Musk. The new control algorithm, set to be rolled out next month, "is even safer, but super smooth."