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Elon Musk promises new Tesla nav system 'light-years ahead' of current one

It's reportedly coming early in 2018.

Tesla Roadster

On the coattails of good news from Consumer Reports' owner satisfaction survey, Tesla CEO Elon Musk teased a big update to his car company's infotainment system.

In a tweet (where else?), Musk said that Tesla owners have a new navigation system to look forward to in the near future. The system update is reportedly coming in early 2018, and he promises that it'll be "light-years ahead" of what the company currently offers.

In traditional Musk fashion, that's all he tweeted out. Odds are, we'll be left guessing about this system until it actually shows up -- we don't even know if it'll be pushed to every Tesla on the road, or just certain models. Thankfully, Tesla's software tends to arrive closer to on time than its cars do. The Tesla Model 3, which may still be in "production hell" as Musk put it, is still slowly trickling its way to owners who aren't company employees or insiders.

Tesla's infotainment system is one of the more impressive ones on the market. In the Model S and Model X, a vertically oriented screen offers simultaneous looks at navigation, music and vehicle settings. Hell, you can even browse the internet with it. If you do, we have only one suggestion as to where you should point the browser.