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Elon Musk Makes Tesla Superchargers Free for People Fleeing Ukraine

Owners of both Tesla and non-Tesla electric vehicles can use the charging stations for free in some cities near the border.

Tesla supercharger stations let drivers charge their electric vehicles.
Tesla has made supercharger stations in some eastern European cities free for those fleeing Ukraine.
Stephen Shankland/CNET

Tesla owners fleeing Ukraine can use its Superchargers for free in four cities in bordering Poland, Hungary and Slovakia, according to a report from Electrek, which cited an email to local owners. This comes after Russian forces invaded Ukraine last week.

Both Tesla and non-Tesla electric vehicles can use the chargers at no cost in Trzebownisko, Poland; Košice, Slovakia; Miskolc, Hungary; and Debrecen, Hungary, the email reportedly said.

There are about 30,000 electric vehicles are on Ukraine's roads, the Kyiv Independent reported in January, compared to millions of non-EV cars in the country.

Around 660,000 refugees have fled Ukraine following the Russian military's invasion, the United Nations Refugee Agency estimated Tuesday.

Tesla no longer operates a public relations department to field requests for comment.

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