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Wayne Cunningham/Roadshow

Elon Musk approves of amphibian Model S, would really prefer you not try it yourself

Looks like mixing electricity and water isn't always a recipe for disaster.

If you live in an area that gets a lot of rain, it's second nature to avoid flooded underpasses. When water gets to a certain depth, it can irrevocably damage your engine, as water does not compress like air. But what if your car doesn't require air -- like, for example, an electric car? One Tesla owner decided to try his luck with a swim, and it ended up earning the praise of Tesla CEO Elon Musk himself.

In the video below, originally picked up by Electrek, you see an owner pushing his way through a flooded underpass, which already claimed several other gas-powered vehicles. Yet, with one eye on the car's camera and a whole lot of chutzpah, the owner powers through the flood just fine.

In fact, the amphibious underpass crawl was impressive enough to earn Musk's accolades. Naturally, to prevent a slew of copycat videos and the tsunami of negative PR that would accompany them, Musk made sure to point out that he "def" does not recommend other people try it. A smart move.

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