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EV fast chargers might be coming to a Target near you

It's part of Electrify America's first major investment in American EV infrastructure.

Electrify America

Volkswagen established Electrify America as part of its Dieselgate settlement, in order to get more folks into electric vehicles. Part of that effort will involve wiring the country with fast-charge infrastructure, and it's just made a big announcement to that end.

Electrify America announced today that it will install DC fast chargers for electric vehicles at more than 100 "retail, convenience and refueling locations" in the US. Its partners in this effort include Target Corporation, Brixmor Property Group, Casey's General Stores and Alltown. Last week, Electrify America announced a similar partnership with Walmart.

This is a rendering that gives you an idea of what Electrify America's chargers will look like.

Electrify America

"We're purposefully placing our charging stations in locations where people already go, where they are needed, and in places that offer the best customer amenities, such as shopping and food, so that electric vehicle charging is easier and more appealing," said Mark McNabb, CEO of Electrify America, in a statement.

This is a portion of Electrify America's first major investment in US EV infrastructure. Over four distinct cycles (we're still in the first), the company will invest $2 billion outfitting the country with chargers that should help alleviate range anxiety and boost EV adoption rates.

These won't be some namby-pamby trickle chargers. It will accommodate 50-kW fast charging, which is the current standard for non-Tesla vehicles, but some of its chargers will be capable of 350 kW, which can add nearly 20 miles of range per minute spent plugged in. Those high-speed units will likely stay near highways, while urbanites will rely on chargers between 50 and 150 kW. There will also be slower AC chargers at city locations to accommodate plug-ins and cars that can't work with DC fast charging.

Electrify America won't attempt to introduce a new standard or anything. Its charging stations will pack both CHAdeMO and CCS connectors, which should cover any car capable of receiving DC fast charging.

You shouldn't have to wait too long to take advantage of these chargers, either. Electrify America claims that every charger planned in the Cycle 1 investment will be installed or under development by June 2019.