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Mercedes-AMG's future is electric and performance EVs are coming

The SLS AMG Electric Drive was only the start, AMG's boss revealed.

Mercedes-AMG SLS Electric Drive
The SLS Electric Drive was only the start.

It's hard to think of a Mercedes-AMG sports car or sport sedan and not conjure thoughts of rowdy engines. Yet, CEO Ola Källenius wants fans to dial back those parallel lines.

In a new interview with Autocar published Tuesday, Källenius said work has begun on not only electrified AMG cars, but also fully electric AMG cars. The mystery car in development won't have the honor of being the first electric AMG, but the shift in strategy is the story here. The CEO said the means of propulsion shouldn't dictate excitement. At AMG, "it's all about the experience of customers."

I'd argue part of that experience is the soundtrack from turbocharged V8 engines, but I digress.

Speaking of the first electric AMG, you may not even remember it. The SLS AMG Electric Drive was mighty expensive and only boasted a 160-mile estimated range. For those who wanted to push the electric supercar to its limits, range dropped quickly. The next car will, in fact, be a dedicated electric vehicle and not based on a similar Mercedes-Benz or Mercedes-AMG model.

Källenius declined to give any other specifics, but don't expect these electric AMGs to launch next year. Or even the next. AMG has its hands full with the upcoming One hypercar, which houses the same powertrain as Mercedes-AMG's Formula One race car. Do look for the hypercar's electric turbos to trickle down to other AMG vehicles, though.

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