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Electric Lexus concept to bow at Tokyo Motor Show

A single teaser image came with the announcement, but it hardly gives anything away.

Lexus electric concept teaser

The sharp headlight design is very Lexus.


Lexus says its future is electrified. That much, we already knew since Toyota plans to launch a total of 10 electric vehicles by the middle of next decade. On Thursday, we caught our first glimpse of the first, and it's a fully electric Lexus model.

The announcement included a single teaser image that only shows a portion of the front headlight. It's hard to tell just how large, or what kind of vehicle this is from the picture. However, rumors have insisted it will be a similar vehicle to the LF-SA concept shown back in 2015. The concept showed a small city car of sorts and this new concept could double down on the microcar proportions with a hatchback design.

While the company used the word "electrified," which can mean a whole host of different things under the term's umbrella, this car will be a battery-electric vehicle with no engine. Additionally, the luxury marque said this concept will include autonomous driving technology. No further details about what kind of technology were included. Obviously, Lexus wants to save the good stuff for the concept's debut.

Toyota, Lexus' parent automaker, has been slow to embrace fully electric cars. Instead, it's focused on building out its family of Prius hybrid vehicles, including the Prius Prime plug-in hybrid. Prius sales, however, have continued to shrink in recent years. Effectively, this Lexus concept will pen a new chapter for the automaker as it could preview a production model ready to hit the market in the very near future.

We'll be on the ground at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show on Oct. 23 and have the latest on Lexus' new concept.